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New Delhi: Presenting the Union’s budget for 2022-2023, she said contracts for multimodal parks at four sites will be awarded in the next financial year.

“400 new generation Vande Bharat trains with better fuel efficiency and better passenger driving experience will be developed and manufactured over the next three years,” she said.

These new oars will be made of lightweight aluminum, as opposed to steel, which will each make around 50 tonnes lighter and consume far less energy than their steel counterparts, she said.

She added that 100 PM Gati Shakti terminals would also be rolled out over the next three years.

“The railways will develop new products and efficient logistics services for small farmers and small and medium enterprises, in addition to taking the lead in the integration of postal and railway networks to provide seamless solutions for the movement of parcels. .

“The One Station-One Product concept will be popularized to help local businesses and supply chains,” she said.

Under Atmanirbhar Bharat, a 2,000 km network will be placed under “Kavach”, the world-class indigenous technology for security and capacity augmentation in 2022-23, she said.

The Minister of Finance said that 100 PM GatiShakti cargo terminals for multimodal logistics facilities will be developed over the next three years.

“Innovative modes of financing and faster implementation will be encouraged for the construction of large-scale metro systems of the appropriate type. Multimodal connectivity between mass urban transport and stations will be facilitated as a priority.

“The design of metro systems, including civil structures, will be reoriented and standardized for Indian conditions and needs,” she said.

Railways is already manufacturing 44 Vande Bharat trains, aiming for these trains to run on at least 75 routes by August 15, 2023, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech.

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