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Baylor University reports that a generous donation has been received that will be used for a program still in the planning stages that would result in the creation of a facility in Los Angeles as part of the Film and Digital Media program.

The Lindner Endowment for Film and Digital Media will support the Baylor in LA program, a residential learning opportunity in Los Angeles for FDM students to provide internship and experiential learning opportunities.

The $ 2 million giveaway comes from Matthew B. Lindner of Cincinnati from the Class of 2012.

“We celebrate the generous support of the Lindner family and are grateful to alumni like Matthew who invest in the areas of Baylor where faculty and university programs have invested,” said President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D. “As a successful alumnus in his career, Matthew’s support further enhances the prestige of our film and digital media department, and his gift, in turn, will have a transformational influence on opportunities for our students and their career paths in this chosen field, and we are grateful for his generosity and commitment to this program.

The Lindner Foundation for Film and Digital Media will create ongoing support for the Department of Film and Digital Media in the development and implementation of the Baylor program in LA. The Los Angeles-based program will provide a highly selective and competitive residential learning opportunity for students seeking careers in film and digital media in California.

The Baylor program in LA will capitalize on long-standing relationships and ties with Baylor alumni and associates in the Los Angeles area.

Designed to be a summer program that allows students to transition to the Los Angeles area, the Baylor program in LA will offer tailor-made courses as part of the FDM major, coupled with a relevant summer internship. The program will be modeled on Baylor’s existing program in New York.

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