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Well with the X3 and X4 we’re just looking at a slight facelift (or LCI – Life Cycle Impulse – as BMW says, always ready to come up with its own acronym), so there wouldn’t be anything drastic as we have it. seen with other models. Still, don’t underestimate this design department’s ability to screw things up.

And, according to Marouane Bembli (alias The monkey sketch), mess up the things they did. We’re not quite sure we agree, but again, we don’t have his expertise in the area, so we’re just relying on our intuition. On the other hand, he made an entire video explaining what is wrong with the car and, more importantly, how it could be fixed.

He chose the X3 M Competition as the subject of his critical tirade, and since it’s the one with the most active appearance, it seems like the right option. He starts with the front end and notices the deviations between the almost organic nature of the headlight’s shape versus the very geometric lines and surfaces of the bumper.

Indeed, there is a lot going on there, enough to occupy the eyes and the brain for a while. In a way, we agree with the general aspect. After all, it’s a performance SUV so it can get away with it if the numbers are there – and, with 503 hp (510 PS / 375 kW) and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm), we’d say they are.

Marouane thinks differently, and he has a plan to make the nose of the X3 M Competition… well, if not pretty, at least decent. In his opinion, it is. As far as we are concerned, this is one of the rare occasions when we don’t quite agree with his views. We think the larger air intakes on the original match the performance nature of the vehicle, and the angled lines give it a more dynamic look that makes it look fast even when stationary.

The rear of the SUV is a whole different story. There, it is almost impossible not to agree with Marouane’s assertions. The taillights seem to be going out of their way not to adapt, doing a great job. Other than that, however, there’s not much else to tweak, so it’s always the front where most of the work is. Watch the whole process as well as The monkey sketchcommentary from in the clip below.

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