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Brits Drukkery, a platform-based printing services company, upgraded its print and cut capabilities with a new Xerox Versant 180 press with Vivid and Fluorescent toners, as well as a digital cutter and crease cutter DPR Gemini for custom labeling, finishing and packaging applications.

Supplied by Xerox and reseller DPR Compleo and installed and maintained by Altron Document Solutions, the new machines consolidate and complement Brits Drukkery’s existing digital printing equipment, which already included a Xerox C75 and Versant 180 press.

Brits Drukkery owner Susan Honiball, who runs the business with her daughter Catinka Van Der Walt, said the investment in the new machinery comes at a time when the printing industry – particularly in small cities and rural areas – is under extreme pressure to convince customers affected by the economic slowdown of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have five or six printing plants in our region, and what has always set us apart from the rest are quality products backed by quality service and a dynamic attitude to deliver whatever our customers need from us”, Honiball says.

“Even though the conditions are tough, we have to take some risks if we are to continue to grow our customer base and surprise our existing customers with constantly improving products and services,” she says.

“That’s why investing in a second Versant with the new toners, and adding the Gemini cutter, made perfect sense to us. Plus, Compleo did all the homework, calculated the numbers, and we ended up saving money and becoming even more competitive with the new machines than before.

Founded in 1948, Brits Drukkery has recently relocated, becoming a fully digital printing service. With a team of designers, technicians and maintenance staff, half of whom have been with the company for over 12 years, Brits offers a full line of digital (and litho) printing products, both short and long term. , including brochures, letterheads, business cards, newsletters and brochures, school directories, agendas, folders and ID cards, training manuals, invoice, order and receipt books, invitations and posters.

“Some time ago we were invited to the launch of the Xerox Iridesse, which opened our eyes to a whole new world of digital printing possibilities with its special gold, silver and fluorescent printing characteristics,” explains Van Der Walt.

“While the Iridesse was out of our budget, when Xerox launched the new Adaptive CMYK + kit with Vivid and Fluorescent options for the Versant 180, it was too good an opportunity to miss,” she says. “We can now offer a much higher level of quality finishes and special embellishments for short-term projects that would have been too difficult to produce profitably before. At the same time, the Gemini die cutter helps us to further expand our product offering, allowing us to produce labels, packaging and printed products of custom shapes in the short term, where cutting would have been far too expensive and time consuming before. . This is especially useful in our market, where customers have turned to selling homemade products and accessories to make ends meet.

The Xerox Versant 180 Press is a high-volume, compact production machine that combines Xerox’s state-of-the-art 2400 x 2400 dpi print engine with 10-bit RIP rendering and an advanced compact belt fuser, using toner Emulsion Aggregation (EA) to provide consistently brilliant results at 80 ppm on standard and specialty substrates ranging from 52g / m² to 350g / m².

The addition of the Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit adds shiny metals, bold whites and vibrant fluorescent colors, expanding the usable palette to over a million colors using 11 new toners. Printers can add these enhancements to print jobs without sacrificing the benefits of short-run digital printing, printing a CMYK job, or replacing the Vivid or Fluorescent kit to add fluorescent or metallic embellishments without having to. purge toners or sheets between kit exchanges.

The Gemini is an automatic sheet feeder and cutter that loads and cuts without the need for an operator. Die-cuts can be made on adhesive sheets, silkscreen prints, store material prints and digital cardboard prints in a variety of sheet thicknesses and sizes. It can also create punch cutouts, kiss cutouts, die cut and folds for products such as labels, business cards, shaped business cards and small boxes. packaging.

Attwell says Compleo has worked closely with Brits Drukkery for more than 20 years, watching the business grow and evolve over time to become the leading digital printing provider in its region.

“A successful business is built on the foundation of successful partnerships, and ours has only grown stronger as we pursue a successful strategy of investing in the most appropriate, profitable, and focused products.” on the quality that best suits the size and scope of the business. business, ”he said.

“Investing in a second Versant and a new Gemini made strategic sense for the way Brits sought to develop its customer base and solidify the relationships it had with existing customers in the region,” he adds. “Being able to offer new and different products – like gold ornaments on school certificates or elegant ornaments for guesthouses in the area, for example – creates one-stop service and sets them apart. competition. “

Honiball agrees, “In terms of current and future equipment purchases, we don’t even look to look beyond Xerox and what Compleo recommends for our business. Not only has it proven to be extremely reliable, but we can count on same day or next day service in the rare event that we have a problem with one of the machines which means there is no never downtime. We usually offer a 24 hour turnaround time on most projects, but we joke that it becomes a drive-thru because the equipment is so efficient, accurate and automated.

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