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Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) launched, Sri Lanka’s leading financial services provider ‘CBD RankatiSiththamRoo 2021’ in commemoration of World Children’s Day with the aim of inspiring young minds to express themselves and create. The initiative ended on a positive note on October 9, 2021, via a live stream on Facebook. Submissions from participants for the island-wide digital art competition were featured prominently, followed by an interactive session for the kids.

To develop the necessary cognitive skills, children must be able to express themselves creatively from an early age. However, due to the current pandemic, children are confined to their homes, with fewer opportunities to express themselves creatively. Understanding this, CDB established a platform for them to express themselves freely. The final event, led by veterans RenukaBalasooriya and PrageethRathnayake, was more than just an exhibition; it also included an interactive knowledge sharing session for children.

‘CBD RankatiSiththamRoo 2021’, was open to children aged 5 to 12. Three winners were selected from an impressive number of over 1000 registered participants. 1st place was awarded to ChamikaThehan, age – 5 years old from Anuruddha Kumara National College, Nawalapitiya, NethruSadilka, age – 8 years old from GonagalaMadyaVidyalaya, Galle and GangulDanodya, age – 12 years old Dharmashoka College, Ambalangoda, respectively got the 2nd and 3rd places.

Commenting on the initiative, the host of the event, RenukaBalasooriya said; “The CDB organized an ideal activity by organizing this event for children, especially in the current context of pandemic. Art is a special subject which teaches many things. I think motivating kids to put on their thinking hats is great. This provides the opportunity to be creative at a time when there is consistency in their lifestyles during the pandemic. I wish the organization all the best and hope that “RankatiSiththamRoo” will be held every year.

Commenting further on the initiative, event judge PrageethRathnayake added; “It was fascinating to see the creative minds behind the future of our country. Art submissions weren’t just sketches; all the drawings had a story behind their work. With the ongoing pandemic situation, children have been confined to their homes for a long time, and children this young must have been adversely affected. There were deep thoughts and stories behind each design, and as a judge, I decided to put myself in their shoes to select the best. Selecting the best was difficult, as they were all beautiful. CDB has done a lot by initiating such an event for children ”.

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