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CAROL STREAM – Copresco recently installed a new digital printing press that offers faster turnaround, more efficient production, higher accuracy and better quality, the company said.

The new Konica-Minolta printing press has enabled Copresco to deliver on its promise to produce 250,000 pages overnight for any customer, President Steve Johnson.

Copresco produces millions of pages of short-run publications, books and manuals. Projects range from brochures, catalogs, manuals, manuals and technical materials to training materials, guides, newsletters, calendars and cookbooks.

Johnson said that an important feature of the new press is its ability to handle lighter papers. “In the digital world, it’s unusual to use papers that are lighter than the conventional 50 or 60 pound weights, but lightweight book papers are a great way to reduce clutter and save on costs. shipping and sending, ”he said.

In addition to the new machine, Copresco purchased software from Konica-Minolta to better control all the new features.

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