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Adobe has an arsenal of tools we all need for branding and online marketing

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What is your most typical first impression of a business? There is a good chance it came from an advertisement or marketing effort presented to you on the internet. If it’s a bigger brand, you might find out in the physical world or even on TV. And if you find a brand outside of the internet and want to learn more about it, you will likely search for it online to find out more.

Modern digital storefront needs creative talent

Some companies have always had to consider the first impression in terms of design, language and tone, that is, brick and mortar storefront stores and restaurants. However, now every business has to manage its own website, social media presence, email awareness campaign, etc., especially if it is to survive in an ecommerce driven marketplace. And not all of them are suitable for designing the most professional or sounding content, and so creative professionals have found a major source of work in the digital age.


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How design skills can help both creatives and entrepreneurs

If you are a digital designer or interested in a creative endeavor such as graphic design, photography or video production, these companies should be at the top of your list of potential clients. Before that, however, you need to become an expert in a program like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro. If you become a freelance writer, like 15% of the Canadian workforce, these skills will help you find work.

Meanwhile, if you are an entrepreneur, learning these creative programs on your own can open doors for your business. Paying freelancers to manage your website design and product images can eat into your budget, while doing it yourself will lower your costs.


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How to master these skills for yourself or your business

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite all-in-one certification course bundle is available for just $ 27.19 with code CYBER20, you can get eight courses and over 60 hours of educational content. You can learn motion graphics with a course in After Effects (4.4 out of 5 stars), photo editing with a course in Photoshop (4.6 out of 5 stars), and much more throughout the pack.

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    Creativity and UX design are two of the most demanded skills in today’s workforce

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