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The Digital Media space offers students a wide variety of artto do experiments in a contemporary digital studio, including Chopped offstate-of-the-art software, Cintiq monitors, fine arts printers, 3D printers, vinyl cutters and more! If you are interested in digital art, illustration, 2D and stopanimated animations, Where an interdisciplinary approach to art, think about digital media!

Within digital media, three areas of interest help you establish a professional art practice, broaden your skills and create a cohesive portfolio while exploring technical, conceptual and aesthetic questions.

Digital illustration
Learn how to create imagery for character design, concept art, editorials, and more with the goal of conveying specific messages and meaning. Using software and digital tools, you’ll learn the art of conceptual problem-solving, effective visual communication and storytelling, and learn how illustration shapes contemporary culture. Develop your career as a book illustrator, graphic novelist, and editorial or freelance illustrator, and learn the professional practices necessary to market yourself so you can thrive in the professional world.

Time-based media
Explore the art of the moving image using a wide range of techniques, with an emphasis on experimental digital filmmaking, hand-drawn 2D and stop-motion animation assisted by computer. You’ll examine contemporary and historical works and create time-based art that challenges conventional thought, inspires action, and evokes emotion. Learn how to turn your vision into a story that can be produced and distributed at film festivals, online, or set up as an exhibition.

Fine arts
Through self-examination, discussion, presentation and critique, learn to develop your own visual language and explore personal but universal ideas that contribute to social dialogue. the BFA with a specialization in digital media is for the fine arts student who chooses to integrate digital media with any combination of traditional media and / or new media. It is an interdisciplinary degree for thinkers and decision-makers exploring new technologies or hybrid forms. Emphasis allows students to customize their course choices to best meet their creative needs.

Students and graduates at work
Digital Media is aimed at students who wish to create their own path. Our alumni have made their mark as creative professionals and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, including publishing successful independent comics, working as creative directors, directing and animating films and commercials, creating licensed clothing for major movies, television, video games and media. companies, and more.

David McMillian, BA 2020 | Owner and Creative Director
After working as a clothing designer for Fifth Sun and Design By Humans, and graphic designer at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., David McMillian founded Ensou, a branding and design agency in San Jose, California, dedicated to creating solutions. aesthetic.

Val Moreno, BFA Student | Graphic designer for e-commerce
After completing a summer internship in 2019 with Fifth Sun, Val Moreno was hired as a Graphic Designer for the E-Commerce department where she works with digital illustrations and designs for a variety of properties including Universal Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster), boys, and Animal Crossing New Horizon. This job opportunity came from our current internship with Fifth Sun.

Val Thomas, BA 2019 | Artistic moderator
Val Thomas works for the print-on-demand clothing company Design by humans as artistic moderator, where she ensures that works submitted by thousands of artists around the world meet copyright, content and quality standards.

Mai Thao, 2018 BA | Graphic designer
Mai Thao worked for Fifth Sun Apparel Company since March 2019, where she has been editing digital designs for licensed clothing properties such as Star Wars, DC Comics, Nintendo, Marvel, and more. Fifth Sun is a leading supplier of graphic knit apparel for the retail apparel industry and provides licensed apparel for key retailers such as Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, Kohls, and Target.

Melissa Pagluica, 2007 BFA | Comic Creator
Melissa graduated from a BFA in Intermedia Studio (now called Digital Media) and has worked regularly as a freelance digital illustrator in San Francisco for the past 14 years. She created the best-selling independent comic Above the Clouds and illustrated variant covers for other comics, including Adventure time for Boom! Workshops. His work has been featured in ART DOLL Quarterly, Ladies of Steampunk Magazine, and the documentary She does comics.

Weston Thomson, 2003 BFA | Creative director
Since obtaining his BFA in Electronic Multimedia Art (now called Digital Media), Weston has worked as a Community Outreach Manager and Director for the Joselyn Art Museum Kent Bellows Mentorship Program in Omaha, Nebraska. He then took on the role of Director of Community Learning at Make space, a non-profit community center for technology. Weston currently works as a freelance illustrator and creative director at Chromatic black studio.

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