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Investment harnesses the personalization power of digital packaging printing to unlock new personalized design possibilities for brands – a first for food and beverage cartons.

Personalization through digital printing and other agile personalization technologies has caught the attention of one of the world’s leading packaging suppliers: Tetra Pak, which plans to be the leading supplier of food and beverage cartons. to offer digital color printing in collaboration with Koenig & Bauer, a leader in this market.

Digital printing technology will simplify the complexity of managing designs, reduce design-to-print time, and open up new opportunities for flexibility and customization of order placement. Brands can take advantage of additional benefits such as dynamic printing on the packaging and the ability to include a variety of designs in the same order.

The full-width digital printer built by Koenig & Bauer will be installed at Tetra Pak’s converting plant in Denton, Texas. Field testing for North American customers of the new digitally printed cardboard packaging is expected to begin in early 2020.

Charles Brand, Executive Vice President, Product Management and Business Operations at Tetra Pak, said, “We are committed to helping our customers explore new avenues with a truly ‘smart’ package, meeting their customization needs. products, smaller batch sizes, greater traceability and the ability to interact with the consumer. Our investment in this digital printer demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers with sustainable technologies as the digital revolution transforms the way we do all of our business. “

According to Christoph Müller, Member of the Board of Directors of Koenig & Bauer, “We are absolutely delighted that Tetra Pak has chosen our digital printer. I am sure that together we will dramatically change the market for the benefit of Tetra Pak customers. “

Adapt to a changing market

“Brands continue to seek opportunities to offer greater personalization and personalization of their products,” adds Carmen Becker, President and CEO of Tetra Pak US and Canada. “We are excited to offer our customers new and innovative ways to interact with consumers, while increasing the flexibility of the design and order process. “

The commitment to technology grew out of the changing desires of consumers, says Pedro Gonçalves, vice president of marketing US and Canada, Tetra Pak. Packaging condensate.

“The food and beverage market is evolving with many innovations and product diversification that are constantly being launched with a focus on health, sustainability, convenience and more,” he explains. “To respond to this new consumer, consumer packaged goods companies need to deliver personalized and connected experiences. In this sense, the flexibility and customization capability of digital printing is an unparalleled technology offering endless design and connectivity possibilities. Delivering this breakthrough to our customers is part of our commitment to helping brands be profitable, sustainable and meet consumer needs. “

Render of Tetra Pak’s future digital printing system in Denton, TX.

And while digital printing will also allow small orders to be placed that can give innovative companies the opportunity to explore new segments of the consumer spectrum, it also represents an improvement in print quality.

“The print quality of the method we use today has reached a high level of quality offering an attractive design with high productivity, but we expect greater color fidelity with the digital printer as it works with a CMYK color system, ”says Gonçalves.

The technology will be used for all current and future packaging formats delivered to Denton which can be run on the digital printer. “The list of packages is constantly revised to ensure that we will meet the needs of the market,” adds Gonçalves.

The traceability that has been referenced is enabled by leveraging the technology to print quick response codes.

“Today, we offer 2D Data Matrix codes, but the digital system will allow the printing of high definition QR codes that can be integrated into applications or a website,” says Gonçalves. “The information associated with QR codes can be changed quickly, bringing dynamic content to campaigns and management data. “


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