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What is digital media?

The Film and Digital Media minor introduces students at Wabash College to the study and practice of film and digital media from a wide range of critical and disciplinary perspectives. The minor comprises college-wide courses that analyze cinema in a liberal arts setting as an art form with a rich history, as a mode of cultural expression, as a medium shaped by literature and the arts visuals, as well as a form of popular entertainment expression. Digital media courses require students to engage with film and electronic media of a range of genres and styles. In production classes, students learn digital production tools in the process of creating original content. The remaining electives allow students to further their interests from a critical or experiential perspective. For specific cinema course offers, see our program.

The Film and Digital Media minor helps students strengthen their critical thinking skills through the exploration, analysis, and hands-on production of film and media. Professional and creative faculty provide students with a film and media education that is both highly marketable and grounded in the liberal arts. A great complement to many different majors, a minor in Film and Digital Media enhances a student’s understanding of how film and media shape our society and animate and encourage the interdisciplinary connections fundamental to a liberal education.

Film and Digital Media minor completes the WabashX Initiative Digital arts and human values.

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