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Paul Hudson, CEO; Andy Anderson, press manager; and Steve Furlong, Managing Director, in front of Hudson Printing’s new Landa S10P digital printing press.

Hudson Printing of Salt Lake City, the high-quality commercial printing company known for its superior color reproduction, is now home to a new Landa S10P nanographic printing press. The installation is in progress.

“Quality is paramount here,” says CEO Paul Hudson. “Our customers won’t compromise on color – that’s what we’re known for.”

The unique and extensive color range of the Landa S10P; better economy; and higher productivity made Hudson’s decision to choose the S10P press straightforward. The Landa S10P 7 colors will reproduce 96% of Pantone colors.

“The S10P ticked all of our boxes,” says Paul Hudson. “We needed the speed, the B1 format and the best color available. Over time, it became clear that Landa’s benefits are an order of magnitude greater.

While a stable of offset and digital presses will continue to produce Hudson Printing’s booming general business documents, magazines, catalogs, books and direct mail, Hudson and his team plan to migrate the work of both types of press to the Landa S10P. . “It’s the perfect machine to bridge the gap between these two robust workflows,” he says.

As an example, Hudson lists the millions of coins it enters the mail stream each month. “We have big direct mail jobs that can take tens or even hundreds of hours on digital presses,” he says, “but when you switch to the Landa, you not only have a lot of sheet size. larger with B1 (41 “), you also get much faster in-line production and coating speeds.

“It’s a fantastic productivity tool for direct mail. “

Hudson also hopes to open up new markets and partnerships given the unique characteristics of the S10P and the increased capacity it will provide the company. For market segments where color is a priority, such as high-end packaging and industrial printing applications, Hudson Printing will be able to bring its sought-after expertise to a wider choice of suppliers and brands.

Heberto Pachon, Managing Director of Landa Digital Printing, Americas, said, “We are delighted to welcome Hudson Printing to the Landa family. Getting to know the Hudson team, as well as getting a close-up view of one of the best printing companies in our industry, is a privilege. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press with Perfector and B1 (41 “) Double-Sided Format utilizes the nanography process for an unprecedented advantage, including reproducing up to 96% of Pantone colors using 7 colors, 6,500 sheets per hour, compatibility with all commercial substrates, robust data / printing solutions, digital printing solutions and easy integration with upstream and downstream systems. The Landa S10P is ideal for General two-sided commercial printing, including advertising pieces, catalog production, direct mail and premium magazines.

Source: Landa digital printing

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