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NEW YORK, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Who says the insurance industry isn’t artistic and creative? While Jencap’s work as one of the nation’s largest insurance brokers involves constant underwriting measurement and data analysis, creativity is the key ingredient to their success.

Jencap’s marketing team has combined two elements critical to the future of the insurance industry into a single competition: promising young talent and innovative thinking. They invited art students across the country to participate in a digital art competition to showcase Jencap’s core areas of expertise in a unique and innovative way. After a two-month contest, Jencap selected three winners, all of whom received cash prizes to invest in their future as artists.

“Our company is committed to investing in young talent – whether it’s the next generation of brokers or the next generation of creative talent who will showcase our strengths in unique ways. The art students we invited to participate in this competition received very little advice on purpose and the result was amazing,” said Catherine Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Jencap. “The originality and creativity of the young artists is so inspiring. Jencap appreciates the time and effort put in by each entrant and we congratulate the three winners of this competition.”

Please view the brilliant work of our contest winners below and on the Jencap website at Congratulations to the winners!

Student Artist 1: Jane McIlvaine
The school: School of Visual Arts, New York CityNY
Major: Illustration
Expected degree: May 2022

“I have always loved to draw, since I was very young, and my father has always been a great inspiration to me since he is an artist himself. I intend to pursue a career in art. I want to be a professional illustrator, and do many types of narrative art, like editorial, comic, and/or concept illustration,” said Jane McIIvaine.

About the listing: Jane’s smart illustration shows the power of Jencap as we provide insurance coverage for every stage of a business risk; whether it is the construction phase of a large commercial project or the finished mixed-use retail and commercial office building.

Student Artist 2: Poonya Tunkakutiya
The school: Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia
Major: Interactive design and game development
Expected degree: November 2022

“Art was just a hobby of mine, but as I grew up I realized it could also become something I would do for the rest of my life. My plan for the future is to being an environment artist for games. I find it fascinating to bring an environment to life in the way that I want. I also fall in love with creating illustrations, so being a concept artist is another goal that I would like to achieve,” said Poonya Tunkakutiya.

About the Listing: Jencap has industry-leading construction expertise, which inspired Poonya’s imaginative submission. It’s hard for insurance customers to imagine the worst, but Jencap is always one step ahead and places the comprehensive coverage needed to ensure the best and worst days for a business owner.

Student Artist 3: Mika Dawson
The school: Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri
Major: Painting
Expected graduation: Spring 2024

“Art is something that has really interested me since I can remember; as soon as I learned about art schools, that’s what I knew I wanted to do. Everything what I really hope for in the future is to continue to have my own space for self-expression. No matter what professional field I find myself in, I will find a way to bring art into it. The process of creating art has always been rewarding enough,” said Mika Dawson.

About the Listing: Mika’s fantastic artwork lets you quickly know that Jencap has you covered…travelling “from the unexpected to the protected”. After all, you never know when a penguin the size of Godzilla might threaten to take over the city.

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