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Senior digital designer at MediaMonks, Adrian Somoza, who previously worked for agency R/GA, has a range of free digital design video tutorials available on YouTube.

Posting a tutorial a week on his YouTube channel, Bont Co, Adrian covers topics such as UI design, typography, animation in Sketch (UX design) as well as career advice such as how to set goals and how to land your first design job.

Each video won’t take too long, ranging from three to nine minutes. Adrian’s friendly and relatable approach makes it feel like you are having a conversation with him. Take a look at her latest video tutorial, how to animate a digital fashion lookbook with Sketch.

Branded Adrian’s Bont Co, you can also get access to free digital templates (like the one below) to help you design layouts, courtesy of Gumroad.

And if you follow Bont on Instagram, you’ll get three helpful design tips every week on your News Feed, similar to the one below.

MediaMonks is a global creative production partner working with agencies and brands to create cinematic, animation, mobile, VR and AR experiences as well as VFX and post-production. MediaMonks is based in Europe, America, Dubai and Asia.

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