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TL; DR: Make digital drawing, photo editing and more a little easier with the TourBox Neo controller. It’s on sale at 21% off since January 30 with the code CREATE10, bringing the price down to $ 139.99.

If you’ve ever clumsily tried to move a mouse just the right amount when editing a photo or video, then you know how valuable tactile precision can be. The TourBox Neo is an innovative controller designed by digital creators, to make digital creators a bit easier to edit photos, sketch and more.

This new improved edition is more comfortable and intuitive than ever. It features precisely calibrated controls and knobs for ideal speed, precision, and acceleration, plus a versatile knob that lets you control brush size, flow, transparency, and hardness.

You can use it seamlessly with one hand while your other hand uses the mouse, keyboard, or graphics tablet. And did we mention that the function of each button, slider, and button is completely customizable? Using the TourBox Console software, you can configure the controller to work just the way you want it to.

See it in action below:

The TourBox is compatible with drawing software like Clip Studio Paint and SAI, graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom, and even video and audio editing software like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Audition and After Effects. It is also compatible with macOS and Windows. And at less than five inches long, it won’t even consume a lot of space on your desk.

Hang up the TourBox while it’s on sale for just $ 139.99 (usually $ 190) using promo code CREATE10 at checkout.

Credit: TourBox

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