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SINGAPORE and PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A global GameFi platform, MetaOne has partnered with the leading digital media and entertainment group in CambodiaSabay Digital Corporation.

Sabay Digital Corporation will participate in the MetaOne ecosystem as an “enabler” under this partnership. To this extent, Sabay will connect 2.8 million players in Cambodia in the blockchain via the MetaOne platform.

The MetaOne project aims to integrate guilds and players into the blockchain and address a series of issues limiting the growth of guilds and the Gamefi space. These games and gaming guilds are growing rapidly, especially in South East Asiaand lead to new means of job creation.

According to Martin, CEO of MetaOne, “GameFi will be a reset button marking the beginning of a new era in the gaming industry. There is currently a huge gap between the traditional gaming space and GameFi, be it the community players, the game experience or the game economy. The MetaOne platform is committed to make the bridge this difference, accelerating the adoption and growth of GameFi within Cambodiawhile creating income opportunities for people.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on from Cambodia economies, as the country now struggles with rising unemployment due to the stagnation of its economy. Thanks to this partnership, new sources of income are expected in Cambodia by leveraging MetaOne’s diverse range of Play-To-Earn games and investment program. MetaOne will provide a localized platform integrated with Sabay’s wallet for Cambodian players to integrate easily, while Sabay offers Over The Counter (OTC) support for locals to trade against FIAT. The team is optimistic that this partnership will help improve the Cambodian economy and the GameFi market simultaneously.

About Sabay

Sabay, originally known in the computer and gaming industry, has become one of the leading digital content companies in Cambodia with its news website, video content, games and other digital assets. Sabay is an easily recognizable local organization in Cambodia and works with over 200 brands to meet their digital and content needs, across their various platforms.

About MetaOne

Metaone, the only platform that is committed to “Gaming Guilds As A Service”, is the largest SAAS to integrate massive games and guilds on blockchain gaming. The platform’s unique interface makes it easy to transition from traditional gaming to blockchain. It integrates with the games architecture to extract relevant data for guild analysis, equipped with guild management tools, offers asset management to enable stakeholders to generate their revenue, and designed contracts intelligent so that cross-chain investments are made securely and transparently.


SOURCE MetaOne; Sabay

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