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Respect and support for the creative community – Niio will be free for all artists, forever – is at the heart of the Society’s mission; this includes the ability of artists to publish, manage and protect their life’s work. Driven by this, the company has been responsible for the growing recognition of digital and video artists by museums, art fairs and collectors, as well as by public curators and the growing NFT community.

Niio will use its capital to grow its artist community and develop its app-enabled subscription and purchase platform, which is blockchain-based and will include a trading marketplace for NFTs and other art assets. digital. As Niio progresses rapidly, it will continue to bring together and empower all stakeholders – including artists, galleries, curators, museums and collectors: the entire ecosystem of those who create, consume and exhibit. digital art :

• Consumers use Niio’s open platform to explore digital art, whether purchased on Niio or elsewhere, with access to a free and paid subscription similar to streaming music and entertainment services. They can organize their own “art stream” and share the works that touch them with others.

• With Niio, artists have an end-to-end solution that allows them to realize the full potential of their digital art and NFTs. This is important because artists often find themselves lost in the complexity of seizing the opportunities – and protecting their work – in these brand new outlets for their creativity.

Thanks to Niio’s accessible solution, artists can easily publish their works themselves, no matter where or how they were created; control a personal reference system; and monetize their work in public and private. To make this possible, Niio allows them to reach both individual collectors and art enthusiasts, as well as commercial clients who present public art via projections on mega-LED screens and video walls – always as the artist had planned.

• Niio’s commercial customers – such as Virgin, Marriott and Mandarin Oriental – rely on the Company to provide commercial rights, planning and management tools for the 24/7 display of Niio Art. Public facilities, luxury brands and more can all have access to beautifully curated art, illuminating tens of millions of dead spaces and dark screens with a range of artistic expressiveness that can be experienced digitally for the first time. .

Investors in Round A include L Catterton (a joint venture between LVMH and Catterton), SAGA Invest and existing investors Entrée Capital and PICO Venture Partners. Additionally, reflecting the convergence of Niio’s artistic, technological, entertainment and consumer experiences, other investors include Shalom Mckenzie – who recently bought a Cryptopunk at Sotheby’s for $ 11.75 million, as well as other major global collectors, gallery owners and administrators of institutions such as MOMA and Guggenheim.

“The digital art space has long been on our radar at L Catterton. We are very optimistic about its future, and our continued assessment of the sector has brought us to Niio,” said Michael falletto, Managing Partner L Catteron’s Growth Fund. “We are convinced that their platform approach – comprising both a subscription and an NFT offering – combined with the reputation they have built in the community of critical artists and the validation of their partnership with Samsung – in will make a market leader. “

Millions of Samsung screens will be ready and ready for Niio and the art community

With millions of screens compatible with Niio and Tizen operating system, showcasing high-performance premium artwork on Samsung’s best display products truly solves the challenge of accessing art. digital and display it on any screen. This presents a new scope of massive distribution and commercial potential for Niio.

“Samsung is constantly on the lookout for new ways to enable businesses to engage their customers, while remaining true to their core values,” said Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of Samsung’s visual display business. “This partnership with Niio will allow users to transform their spaces with stunning, versatile digital canvases that display the best of digital art.”

“This is a moment of transformation for Niio and the world,” said co-founder and CEO Rob anders. “Our end-to-end solution, which includes subscription, purchase, share and exchange, is truly differentiated. We have the ability to reach millions with a diversity of artists and digital experiences – including NFTs – which will allow us to capitalize on this watershed moment for the benefit of all stakeholders, including our world-class investors who have come together to support Niio. We thank them for their trust and we are also honored that Samsung chose us as a digital art partner.

Oren Moshe, Niio co-founder added his feelings.

“We have achieved our vision of a platform that first and foremost empowers artists and allows their work to be experienced digitally and available worldwide. We are pleased with the trust that more than 6,000 artists place in us as we enable them to publish, manage, protect and monetize their life’s work. Without them – and the parallel validation of the art community, including museums, collectors, curators and galleries – we wouldn’t be in the position we are in, with the backing of wonderful investors and Samsung. “

About Us

Niio is the world’s most comprehensive and open digital art ecosystem – which includes NFTs – all organized and ready to be displayed through the Niio app. Our heart and soul is a global community of 7,500 galleries, institutions and artists – from renowned to emerging – the full range of creative expressions on screen. We give them the tools they need to distribute, manage, monetize and preserve their work through our platform and the blockchain. Diverse audiences can inspire, subscribe, or purchase from this unprecedented repository, which is available on monitors, phones, and public art installations. We market directly to demanding individuals – who are looking for new experiences – for themselves and to share, as well as to companies and municipalities who want to transform their space. Wherever there is a screen, there is an opportunity for art to move people.


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