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Hendi’s digital printing business wakes up after receiving capital aid

January 28, 2022

BANGKA BARAT – Seeing the business opportunity of digital printing, which at the time was not widely available in the West Bangka Regency area at the time, Hendi became interested in trying this business.

Hendi felt that the printing business was very promising, where the people of West Bangka needed products such as billboards, stickers, banners and banners which were used for the publication and awareness of the public.

Armed with his abilities, Hendi opened Muntok Jaya digital printing which is located on Jalan Raya Peltim No. 9, Muntok, West Bangka Regency. Hendi’s company produces billboards, banners, stickers and banners.

“In 2014, there was a need to help with smooth socializing and posting everything ordered in Pangkalpinang. Not yet in Muntok,” the 47-year-old said.

In fact, he says, these needs are very important for various activities. Not to mention that there are urgent events that require means of publication. This is what inspired him to open a digital printing business in West Bangka.

Jenny’s husband told me his business had its ups and downs, but he kept the business going anyway. One of the tests in the company he underwent during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said that around this time the orders started to dwindle because many activities could not be carried out. This resulted in a decline in turnover. He needs additional capital to maintain his business.

“In 2020, at that time, we needed additional capital to increase the stock of equipment. The impact of Covid-19 had an effect on the business, there were no activities at that time , which led to a drop in revenue. Hearing that PT Timah has a CSR program for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), then submitted a proposal, and it was granted in December 2020, “explained this father of three children.

For Hendi, the Micro Small Business Funding (PUMK) program launched by PT Timah for MSME stakeholders is very appropriate to help kick-start the community’s economy and maintain business continuity. In the future, he hopes he can continue to be encouraged by PT Timah Tbk for the development of his business.

“The program launched by PT Timah is very appropriate and helps the economy. We hope that as a partner we will get further advice from PT Timah.

Thanks to the additional capital of PT Timah, as well as the support of the family, the business in which Hendi is engaged is slowly developing. He has a workforce that helps him with finishing, designing, and machine operators.

Currently, Hendi has regular customers, for him customer satisfaction is paramount. In his company, punctuality is very important, so his party is always committed to it.

“We already have clients such as PT Timah, the regional government, various agencies, as well as private clients. In our effort to work without time limits, prioritizing customer satisfaction, quality and adjusting the time of the customer’s wishes, that’s what we always take care of,” he said.

He hopes the Covid-19 outbreak will subside soon so that people can carry out normal activities, the economy rebounds and their businesses continue to grow. (**)

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