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Texas Tech University at Highland Lakes in Marble Falls will be offering its first full degree in communications starting this fall with a combination of online and in-person courses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Professional Communication is a new undergraduate program at the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University, according to a press release from TTU. Students will learn about media processes and audiences, and develop marketable skills for careers in media or industries seeking communications professionals.

Interest in the new program appears to be high.

“We have students enrolling before they’ve even started significant commercialization of this degree,” said Lance Pickle, admissions counselor at Texas Tech-Highland Lakes. “Most of our students fall into the category of ‘non-traditional’ university students; that is, many of them are employed full time and have families to look after. It is pleasant to work with these students as they are highly motivated to complete coursework and graduate. The transfer scholarships offered by Texas Tech also help them achieve their goals. ”

The degree offers “an excellent path for careers in which demand is increasing,” said Anne Arnecke, Academic Advisor for TTU-Highland Lakes.

“Our students often started a college degree and then quit for one reason or another,” she said. “They are now completing a degree specifically to improve their professional skills and prepare for better jobs.”

The digital part of the curriculum is essential, Pickle said.

“Companies in many industries are going through a transition from brick and mortar to digital, or at least a balance of the two,” he said. “This transition will require trained professionals who can make this new business model work. We believe that our degree in Digital Media and Professional Communication enables our students to be a game-changer and be a valuable asset to any organization.

The hybrid format of virtual and in-person classes should make it easier for students to complete the degree program, said TTU-Highland Lakes site manager Dr Celia Merrill.

“For the majority of our students, the convenience of online learning without having to travel to the main campus is key to earning a degree,” she said, “but the learning community we are creating where they can meet instructors and other students really strengthens their education.


In 2022, Texas Tech University of Highland Lakes will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Marble Falls. The campus is located at 806 Steve Hawkins Parkway, just south of the US 281 Bridge.

Merrill sees the regional campus as a great asset that is not well known.

“Our students receive the same Level 1 diploma as students at the main Lubbock campus, but they can stay here with their families and their current jobs,” she said. “I am very proud of what we bring to Marble Falls and the surrounding communities.

For more information on the Diploma in Digital Media and Professional Communication or other course offerings at TTU-Highland Lakes, visit his website or call admissions at 830-798-9548.

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