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A brand new Turkish startup has been added to art market initiatives that have gained momentum with the rise of digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Zarastro Art offers a boutique digital art platform that emphasizes quality over quantity and tries to create a new ecosystem by bringing together art lovers and collectors from around the world with artists in a digital.

The platform is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who guided the development of the music world, and Sarastro, one of the main protagonists of the legendary composer’s opera “The Magic Flute”. Sarastro is an important character who points the way to truth, wisdom and happiness. Likewise, Zarastro Art was created to bring the masses closer to contemporary art and allow people to correctly perceive the society and the world in which we live.

“Awarded” by Nancy Atakan.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, the platform’s website design presents the curation of works by distinguished artists with the thoroughness of an art gallery, prioritizing the promotion of artists and their career. Founded by investment banker Haydar Can Taygun and his wife, interior designer Burcu Taygun, the platform meets users in English.

Beginning its path with the aim of introducing artists from Turkey to the world, Zarastro Art aims to transform itself into an internationally recognized art platform that embraces artists from various countries and disciplines in the coming period. The platform, which was created with a holistic approach to cover all aspects of contemporary art, includes both physically and digitally produced works.

Zarastro Art launched with three online exhibitions featuring works by Ferhat Özgür, Nancy Atakan and Kübra Cenk Uslu.

“To Be Good and To Live” revisits 16 photographs taken by the famous artist Özgür at different times and cities during the last 20 years of his career, against the backdrop of war and pandemics and within the framework of the times.

“Gleamed” by Kubra Cenk Uslu.

“Cultural Threads”, featuring Atakan’s selection of interactive videos, reflects on the oppressive nature of gender roles and how the globalized world feels the need to assert rights over culture.

“The Many Faces of Transcension”, on the other hand, presents the new collection of Uslu, a well-known name in the NFT world, which explores the tides of connection between humans and the natural world.

In addition to exhibitions, Zarastro Art produces content to make contemporary art more understandable and popular. It presents articles and bulletins from the art world, works by international artists, art movements from various parts of the world, the art market, new technologies and sheds light on life issues with works of art.

Aiming to provide global visibility in the art market through collaboration with distinguished artists, Zarastro Art stands out as an interesting digital art platform for art lovers and collectors who wish to better understand the history of art and the artist and living in harmony with art.

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