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Stimulate engagement and interactivity in a unique and new format for end consumers.

Keeping up with the changing needs and demands of brands to stay connected with their consumers in a rapidly changing market, Zen Digital Media is launching mobile Broadcoasters along the Juhu Beach coastline. Complementing the Broadcoasters, Zen Digital Media is also introducing a one-of-a-kind initiative, “Beach and You”, with the aim of not only empowering and providing brands with a platform to engage with their end consumers in a unique format and new, but also to leverage the media as an engagement tool for community development. Beach and You will give people the opportunity to participate in physical and social activities on the beach to promote community development.

Mobile dual-screen Broadcoasters are the only platform in the country offering high-definition video, visual effects and animation on outdoor scenery along the shore. Covering a distance of 4.5 kilometers from SOHO House to Silver Beach, the ‘Beach and You’ initiative will offer budding creative artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and catch the eye of a swarm of visitors and spectators, thereby encouraging community participation. With the Broadcoasters as the catalyst, Zen Digital Media collaborates with experts in the field to deliver sessions that will spark creativity, encourage fitness, and bring about positive change through social wellness activities.

Speaking on the introduction of an innovative platform, Payal Raval, Co-Founder of Zen Digital Media LLP said, “Our latest offering at Juhu Beach is at the intersection of engagement, interactivity and integration that bridges the gap between brands and consumers and also promotes community building.Its unique proposition and appeal makes it the first multi-platform of its kind in Mumbai and India, creating value for all stakeholders. With the launch of our experiential platform, we look forward to creatively encouraging storytelling and creating an enriching holistic experience for the community.

The Broadcoasters at Juhu launched with immersive communication from leading digital native brands and will help brands leverage their CSR activities by providing an opportunity to engage in a unique way.

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