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As some real estate investors would say, Zillow may have had a tough year in 2021, and the company’s management still puzzles some investors. With that, the company is taking an interesting new approach by hiring Nike’s Vice President of Digital Design as the company’s Chief Design Officer.

Zillow appoints design director for Jenny Arden Company

According to GeekWire’s story, Zillow had decided to appoint Jenny Arden as the Seattle-based real estate company’s first-ever design director. To add, Arden has had quite an esteemed background, with his highlight being VP of Digital Design at Nike.

In addition to her work at Nike, Jenny Arden is an alumnus of Google and even served as head of consumer experiences and products at Lyft. To add, she had also spent four years at Airbnb, most recently serving as the company’s general manager for its transportation business.

Arden’s new role is to be responsible for customer experience

Within the Zillow Group, Arden’s new role includes responsibility for customer experiences as well as integrations between its brands. Additionally, she will also oversee the company’s product design as well as user experience research.

Zillow Group COO Jeremy Wacksman noted that the company is delighted that she is joining the company as CDO to help build the next “Zillow 2.0” and also be able to help people to “open the next chapter of life”.

Who is Jenny Arden?

For those interested in learning more about Jenny Arden, check out her LinkedIn page to learn more about the recent Nike executive. As seen on his professional profile, his latest work step for Zillow has already been uploaded.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she just started her job this month and her job is to lead product design and research for Zillow Group brands. Its objective is to support the development of new innovative products as well as to improve the user experience with high quality design.

What happened to Zillow in 2021?

In 2021, Zillow Group underwent quite a major pivot by shutting down its own iBuying program known as Zillow Offers. As a result of this particular change, as many as 2,000 employees were all laid off.

Following this decision, Zillow shares fell and investors even decided to file lawsuits. To add, the stock is currently trading at $55.40/share, which was up from the massive low of $52.38 in December last year.

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The company had to sell 50% of iBuying Business homes

In December 2021, the company noted that it had sold or was in fact contracted to sell over 50% of the homes it owned from its iBuying business. To add, he also announced a massive $750 million stock buyback.

Zillow Group brands also include StreetEasy, Trulia and HotPads.

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